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The Humboldt Cure is well-known for its award-winning cannabis flowers such as the Zombie Fields and the Punch Berries strains.  Spanning over four decades in the world’s most renown region of craft sun grown cannabis; The Humboldt Cure has master crafting experience in cultivation and harvesting, The Humboldt Cure started out as a family grown tradition and has now evolved into a full-scale licensed operation.  All of our flowers are truly sustainable farm-grown outdoor using mixed lighting techniques among other methods that are proprietary to our family farming traditions.  These long-kept family traditions have proven successful in that our craft cannabis flower strains have yielded many awards over the past few years in some of California’s most notable cannabis competitions and events such as The Emerald Cup, the Blazer’s Cup, The High Times Cannabis Cup, Kushstock, Dabathon, Happy Place (Chalice), and Local Sesh.  In many cases, our award-winning flowers are also then processed into our award-winning cannabis concentrates.  At The Humboldt Cure, we only use sustainable methods in the cultivation of our flowers.  In addition to being at the forefront of cultivation, our vast and in depth experience of processing of our craft cannabis strains is exemplary through the quality of our beyond sustainable flowers. As always, all of The Humboldt Cure’s cannabis flowers are lab tested and fulfill all of the strict guidelines and regulations that fall under Prop 64.

The Humboldt Cure’s award-winning craft cannabis flower strains are available in high-quality glass jars, or even as premium pre-rolls in our unique and high-quality custom printed, sealed bags.  These are the craft cannabis strains that are currently grown and available exclusively through The Humboldt Cure.

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