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Zombie Fieldz was one of the original 3 strains Joe Fasho bred on behalf of The Humboldt Cure in 2018, by crossing a male from DNA Genetic's Strawberry Fields into an Elite Clone Only Pheno of Zombie OG. 2 pheno remain today, the Candy Gas,...

Punch Berries™ from The Humboldt Cure is an 20% Sativa 80% Indica strain that was selected due to its purple qualities. The terp profile leans itself towards Sangria with hints of overripe oranges and grapes. This strain was bred in 2017 by Joe Fasho. He...

kushstockfest Winners KUSHSTOCK 11/2/19 Product1. @gpen - The Connect2. @straincanes - Northern Lights Walking Staff from High Sierra Grown3. @greencaresolutions420 - THC Canna Hookah Blue Rasberry CBD1. @therealkindcenter x @cadabco - Tincture2. @CreeksideCBD - Snow Cap’s 3. @DeriveCBD - Terpsolate BHO1. @Natures_Lab_extracts - GDP2. @CannabisRefined - White Recluse3. @TheHumboldtCure...

Starburzt™ from The Humboldt Cure is 75% Sativa 25% Indica strain creates a heady high and is good for depression. It was bred by our CEO and Founder Joe Fasho in the summer of 2017. He took a Watermelon Zkittlz male and bred it into...

Zombie Fieldz™ from The Humboldt Cure is an 70% Sativa 30% Indica creation that many patients love for its efficacy in treating Depression. It was masterfully crafted by The Humboldt Cure's CEO Joe Fasho using a male Strawberry Fields and pollinating an elite clone only...

How"Murder Mountain" Got Its Name Rancho Sequoia is a sub-divion of the unincorporated area of Humboldt County known as Alderpoint. This region took on the name "Murder Mountain" in the early 80’s after the American serial killers Michael and Susan Carson killed a co-worker Clark Stephens....