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Punch Berries™ from The Humboldt Cure is an 20% Sativa 80% Indica strain that was selected due to its purple qualities. The terp profile leans itself towards Sangria with hints of overripe oranges and grapes. This strain was bred in 2017 by Joe Fasho. He...

kushstockfest Winners KUSHSTOCK 11/2/19 Product1. @gpen - The Connect2. @straincanes - Northern Lights Walking Staff from High Sierra Grown3. @greencaresolutions420 - THC Canna Hookah Blue Rasberry CBD1. @therealkindcenter x @cadabco - Tincture2. @CreeksideCBD - Snow Cap’s 3. @DeriveCBD - Terpsolate BHO1. @Natures_Lab_extracts - GDP2. @CannabisRefined - White Recluse3. @TheHumboldtCure...