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kushstockfest Winners KUSHSTOCK 11/2/19 Product1. @gpen - The Connect2. @straincanes - Northern Lights Walking Staff from High Sierra Grown3. @greencaresolutions420 - THC Canna Hookah Blue Rasberry CBD1. @therealkindcenter x @cadabco - Tincture2. @CreeksideCBD - Snow Cap’s 3. @DeriveCBD - Terpsolate BHO1. @Natures_Lab_extracts - GDP2. @CannabisRefined - White Recluse3. @TheHumboldtCure...

Zombie Fieldz™ from The Humboldt Cure is an 70% Sativa 30% Indica creation that many patients love for its efficacy in treating Depression. It was masterfully crafted by The Humboldt Cure's CEO Joe Fasho using a male Strawberry Fields and pollinating an elite clone only...