Zombie Fieldz Strain

Zombie Fieldz Strain

Zombie Fieldz was one of the original 3 strains Joe Fasho bred on behalf of The Humboldt Cure in 2018, by crossing a male from DNA Genetic’s Strawberry Fields into an Elite Clone Only Pheno of Zombie OG. 2 pheno remain today, the Candy Gas, and the Terpinolene Dominant pheno.

Type: Sativa

Effects: Strong euphoric high. Helps with Anxiety, Depression, and Stress. Can make you fell giggly.

Breeder: Joe Fasho on Behalf of The Humboldt Cure

Lineage: Strawberry Fields x Zombie OG

Notable Awards: Tommy Chong Blazers Cup 1st Place Solventless, 2nd Place Sativa Vape at Kush Stock, and High Times 2nd Place Sun Grown Flower

Primary Terpenes: Terpinolene