Loud Line Snow Runtz

Loud Line Snow Runtz

Loud Line 14 Gram Snow Runtz

Snow Runtz is an unkown cross of the famous Runtz with a higher THC content and similar terp profile. This strain was acquired from as elite clone only pheno from a local farmer in Honeydew. Its THC % is 30%+, It will turn purple with some cold weather.

Type: Hybrid

Effects: Strong euphoric high. Helps with Anxiety, Depression, and Stress. Can make you fell giggly.

Breeder: Unknown

Lineage: Unknown

Package Type: 3.5 Gram Die Cut Mylar | 14 Gram Die Cut Mylar

THC Percenatge Range: 28% – 32%

Primary Terpenes:

Snow Runtz Primary Terpenes